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The test room, operating since the first draft of the EN442 (1997) standard, consists of a test booth having the dimensions 4.00m x 4.00m x 3.00m (L, La, H), accessible through a airtight door.
The test room has 5 walls, water cooled to allow adjustment of the internal temperature. The 6th wall, behind the radiator under test, is completely empty, as required by the EN442 standard.
Inside the chamber, different temperature probes (RTDs) are installed at different heights to allow detailed monitoring of the internal environment.
The temperatures of the water circulating in the radiator are measured with an uncertainty of 0.02 ° C from a total of 6 RTD Pt100 probes (3 for incoming water, 3 for the outgoing one).
The system for measuring the flow of water leaving the radiator under test is of the weighing type to ensure the best possible accuracy.
Measurement and control systems are automated. The data acquisition and management software was designed and developed by the M.R.T.